Collection: Pull Ups

Get your little one excited about potty training with our personalized, reusable pull-ups! Crafted from premium microfleece fabric, these pull-ups feature a 100% organic cotton jersey lining. For added protection, there's a layer of microfleece and PUL fabric in the wet zone area to make them slightly waterproof. Our organic cotton lining ensures that your child can feel wet during accidents.  However, their clothing will not be totally soiled due to a SMALL tinkle or mistake.  

These adorable pull-ups can be accompanied with a matching onesie, t-shirt, headband bow, turban, or beanie. Please share your baby's name in the custom box to order. These charming pull-ups can be paired with matching onesies, t-shirts, headbands, turbans, or beanies. To personalize your order, simply provide your baby's name in the custom box.

Please Note: These pull-ups are not intended to replace diapers, so please plan accordingly.