Grow With Me Hoodie Bundle (Denim Accents)

Grow With Me Hoodie Bundle (Denim Accents)

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Maximize the longevity of your child's wardrobe with this exclusive "Grow With Me" Hoodie Bundle.  This adorable sustainable set is crafted to adapt and evolve alongside your child, accommodating multiple sizes seamlessly.  The bottoms feature a unique waist and leg cuff that can be folded to accommodate smaller children and extended as the child grows.  You can choose from joggers or skirted leggings.  The hoodie follows the same principle.  The fabric is exceptionally stretchy, enabling it to move and flex seamlessly with every jump, run, stretch, and play, providing both comfort and longevity.

This set is crafted from quality, stretchy, upcycled, heather gray sweatshirt material personally selected by me.  Please pick your favorite print for for the sleeves, jogger pockets OR skirted portion, along with an embroidered name applique.

There's nothing superior to sustainability combined with fashion and practicality.  

 If you are using cloth diapers for your baby, kindly indicate by checking the box below.  If this is the case, a slight size adjustment will be made to ensure a more optimal fit. 

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